Electric scooter rental in Marbella

Enjoy the Marbella sun on an electric scooter!

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about being environmentally friendly, being aware of environmental conservation and making the most of our resources. All this accompanied by a greater concern for health care, makes electric scooter rental in Marbella is the ideal solution. In addition, Marbella’s climate allows you to enjoy electric scooter hire at any time of the year, even in the middle of winter.

When we talk about alternatives to urban transport, one of the most effective and economical ways is the use of the electric scooter Marbella to move around, especially when we refer to short distances around the city. Moreover, taking into account that Marbella has more than 300 days of sunshine a year, there is no excuse for not using the electric scooter rental service.

On the other hand, it is an ecological, healthy and very economical alternative, because if you do not have a scooter in property there are agencies that offer the service of renting electric scooters in Marbella.

The electric scooter is a fast and reliable means of transport, ideal for those who do not have a car, find it difficult to have a bicycle at home, need to reduce costs and are nature and environment lovers. Therefore, there is no better way to enjoy the sun of Marbella than riding an electric scooter through its beautiful streets.



We transmit security in everything time with quality equipment, safe and easy to use.


Committed to helping the client find the best option for him and teach the use of the vehicle.


If something goes wrong on an excursion, we will come immediately to provide support and immediate solution.


Getting around downtown has never been so comfortable to go further, faster and learn more.

Flexible electric scooter rental in Marbella

As mentioned above, there is the option of renting electric scooters in Marbella with conditions and prices that vary depending on the service. An electric scooter is a fantastic alternative for getting around, as not only does it cut costs, but it is also practical and easy to carry because it’s flexible and you can fold it up and reduce its size to the point that it looks like hand luggage.

Over time, the electric scooter rental service has adapted to the needs of the user, and of course, so has the vehicle. It is now possible to rent an electric scooter by the hour as well as by the day.

Electric scooter rental by the hour

This type of electric scooter rental service is one of the most popular in Marbella, mainly among tourists. You have the possibility of renting an electric scooter for the exact time you will need it, only for hours, something recommended for those who are just visiting the city, as well as those who want to take family rides or for those looking to avoid traffic at certain times of the day.

Electric scooter rental by the day

If you need to use the scooter more frequently, you can request a daily electric scooter rental service. Whether you have your vehicle in the garage or you have to travel longer distances for a few days, you will find at your disposal the possibility of renting an electric scooter for days.

The rate is 99€ for 3 days rental. You can also check with the agency in case you need to rent it for more days.

What are the benefits of using an electric scooter?

Part of environmental awareness is about valuing and making the most of every resource we have, and one way of doing this is by renting electric scooters.

In addition to being a very efficient transport alternative, the electric scooter brings many benefits to people’s daily lives and to the environment. Among its benefits are the following:

When we talk about the economic issue we always look for a way to save money and for this, the electric scooter Marbella is very effective. It is a very economical and profitable means of transport, as we will not only save on fuel but also on parking and maintenance.
The cost of a Marbella electric scooter is around €300 and the price varies depending on the model and brand. Plus, you won’t have to spend on parking, as it’s foldable and can be carried as hand luggage. It weighs around 12 kg. There is no need for fuel and electric consumption is €0.20 per 100km. In addition to this, the batteries have a long battery life.

One of the biggest benefits of using an electric scooter is the ease of getting around the city and saving time on journeys. It is an ideal vehicle for the city and for short distances, avoiding long queues, traffic jams and waiting at traffic lights, not to mention the savings on parking.
Although progress has been made to improve the circulation of this type of vehicle, it is not necessary to have a large infrastructure to move freely with an electric scooter. Another detail is that the speed of an electric scooter is in accordance with the regulations of the city, in this case, Marbella.

Anyone can ride an electric scooter, even people with disabilities, as it does not take much effort to keep your balance. In fact, the same effort needed to stand upright is needed to operate an electric scooter.
There are many models on the market, each one adapted to the needs of each person. In the case of older people, there are models with seats and a basket for carrying luggage.
In terms of transportation, it is foldable and can be stored anywhere. Its weight is light, so it will not be a problem to carry and carry it as luggage, and its access is allowed anywhere.

The switch from car use to electric scooters is a great help for the preservation of the environment and natural resources.
The air is not only less polluted due to lower fuel consumption and gas emissions, but there is also less noise pollution, as the noise produced by the electric scooter’s running gear and motor is minimal.
In turn, it improves the quality of life by making it easier to enjoy moving from one place to another, leading to greater mental well-being for the individual and reducing stress.

Regulations for the circulation of electric scooters in Marbella (Málaga)

Like all vehicles, electric scooters are subject to regulations and legislation. As a general rule, we must ride on bike lanes with the scooter at a maximum speed of 25 km/h. This is the limit that cannot be exceeded.
Furthermore, scooters may not be ridden on pavements and pedestrian areas, nor on interurban roads, motorways, tunnels and motorways between cities.

In addition, the use of helmets is compulsory and a certificate is required in order to be able to ride.

Any breach of any of the rules described above is subject to fines of more than €500.

[FAQ] Frequently asked questions about electric scooter rental in Marbella

Helmets have become compulsory while riding electric scooters since the 21st of March 2022, according to the new traffic law published on 21 December 2021. The penalty for non-compliance can be up to €200.

The municipal regulations of Marbella oblige these vehicles to circulate on the same roads as bicycles. Their use is limited to the cycle lanes, cycle paths, the promenade’s rolling area and the paved section of the promenade itself. During the summer months, between July and September, they will not be allowed on the marble area of the promenade. The maximum speed for these electric scooters in the permitted areas is 10 kilometres per hour.

There is the possibility of contracting the delivery and collection of electric scooters at home, always subject to distance and number of vehicles.

If not previously contracted, electric scooters must be collected and deposited at our office in Puerto Banús located at Avda. de las naciones unidas, C.C Cristamar, Local 2B (Marbella).

No, if the vehicle is lost or stolen, the lessor of the vehicle is liable to compensate the company with 50% of the market value of the rented and not returned vehicle.

Yes, we have electric scooter options for children starting at the age of 6 years old specifically for them with a reduced weight, size and power for their safety. In this case, the company will insist the use of a helmet for minors as a compulsory requirement.

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