Event planning in Marbella

Do you want to organize a different day in your company? Bringing ties between employees and management closer? Improve your company’s communication?

Or… Are you looking to organize a bachelor party? An activity for a birthday? We have the solution!

Why choose us to manage your event in Marbella?

Our services are focused on planning the best event experience in Marbella and ensuring that all our clients have a fun day they’ll never forget. To achieve this goal, we provide a highly professional service, with a fleet of over 150 vehicles. Therefore, whatever the size of your group, we’ll be able to meet and exceed your expectations!

Our event management service in Marbella gives priority to safety at all times. Firstly and most importantly, the equipment we use is high-quality, user-friendly and secure. Furthermore, we guarantee that in the case of unforeseen incidents during the outing, we’ll always be available to provide rapid support and an immediate solution. 

We always do our best to help our clients to find the best option for their hen or stag party, birthday celebration, or whatever event they want to organise. 

Therefore, if you need help planning a fun and original social occasion, without a doubt, letting us manage your event is one of the best choices you can make!


We can help you plan any kind of event in Marbella!

We offer a wide range of possibilities related to event management in Marbella. To begin with, we’ll summarise our most popular services, which have proved to be a resounding success with our clients, thanks to the personalised attention received. We take care of every last detail, so as to create the best possible experience for everyone.

You’ll have nothing to worry about – just relax and explore Marbella using a sustainable means of transport. A Segway is a great way to get to know the city with minimum effort and maximum comfort. 

Make the most of your stag or hen-party trip and get to know the city of Marbella. It has lots to offer; from its historical and cultural heritage to the most popular leisure and entertainment options. You’ll have a great time with your best friends and experience total freedom at a brisk pace as you explore the streets of Marbella.

Not sure what the best option is for your corporate event? It’s common knowledge that outdoor activities involving all the staff have multiple benefits, strengthening working relationships and encouraging teamwork. For this reason, we believe that a Segway tour could prove to be an excellent choice for your corporate event in Marbella. 

​​Corporate events are one of our specialities, so you can count on a professional service and organisation that adapts perfectly to your needs and those of your firm. We are committed to planning tours that everyone in the company will be able to enjoy to the fullest.

It doesn’t need to be a complicated or extreme adventure to strengthen team spirit and improve team skills. In fact, there are many effortless activities that promote team building, such as a Segway trip around Marbella and outdoor team events. 

Having fun in itself has proved to be one of the best ways to improve team spirit and teamwork. It’s an infallible formula for strengthening bonds between co-workers, as while they’re enjoying taking part in activities together, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. For this reason, team-building activities in Marbella, such as Segway tours, are the best way to build a strong, united team.

Birthday parties often lack originality, and are usually held in traditional venues. However, enjoying a Segway tour around Marbella to celebrate your birthday may be something different and fun that you and your friends will no doubt love.

We specialise in organising these types of events for friends and families, schools or companies. Our aim is to make sure that any group can have an unforgettable experience enjoying a Segway tour of Marbella. Additionally, we’re happy to adapt the outing to your birthday celebration and offer you a personalised experience to suit your needs.

We can offer you a wide range of customised events, and all kinds of experiences for groups or companies. These customised events can cater for conventions, circuits in enclosed areas, celebrations, congresses, summer camps, holiday camps, campsites, etc. 

With Segways, your event will be much more entertaining and memorable. They also provide greater freedom, as you can enjoy exploring different areas in very little time and get to know the city in a convenient, safe and fun way. 


We transmit security in everything time with quality equipment, safe and easy to use.


Committed to helping the client find the best option for him and teach the use of the vehicle.


If something goes wrong on an excursion, we will come immediately to provide support and immediate solution.


Getting around downtown has never been so comfortable to go further, faster and learn more.

Experts in corporate events and business tours in Marbella.

If you are organising a corporate event in Marbella, our corporate tours may well be an interesting option. They serve to strengthen ties among staff, improve communication and reinforce interpersonal relationships, thus improving performance within the firm.

Corporate events can be notably improved with a Segway hire service in Marbella, as they offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy a unique, fun experience. 

Thanks to our Marbella event management service, you’ll get the chance to admire the beautiful views of the city during the corporate Segway tour, whatever size your group may be. You’ll also be provided with the highest-standard safety measures to make the whole group experience much better. 

We offer customised management of your corporate event or celebration. Our services can be tailored to meet your specific needs in order to make the Segway tour as much fun as possible. 

If you’re thinking about organising a corporate event in Marbella, you may like to consider one of our corporate tours. They are aimed at getting all the personnel of the firm involved, forming closer bonds and strengthening ties, as well as improving communication between employees and management.


You’ll have a great time with us in any kind of social event.

Organising a social event, like a stag or hen party, or a birthday celebration, is no simple task. Therefore, leaving it in the hands of experts may be the best option. Our Segway group events for stag and hen parties and birthday celebrations are a great option, plus we take care of the planning of the whole social event, whatever the size of your group. 

We plan activities for stag and hen parties, birthdays, work teams, groups, company activities, and all other kinds of celebrations. Each Segway tour is, in fact, unique. As we organise each one individually, we can tailor it to meet each client’s needs and preferences.

Our monitors and guides specialise in organising tours for large groups. There will be professionals on hand who will adapt to whatever type of route you prefer and make sure the whole experience is a fun and lively social event for everyone involved.


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