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Marbella Segway Tours can do any electric scooter repairs

If you’re looking for an electric scooter repair service in Marbella, look no more! We have a team of professionals who are experts in repairing electric scooters in Marbella. So as to provide quality technical support that meets all your needs, our workshop is equipped with a wide range of accessories, spare parts and scooters. Our aim is to offer you absolutely everything you might need in order to make your experience a positive one.

If you need to repair a flat tyre, our team of experts have the necessary experience to be able to repair the scooter and achieve the results you’re looking for. So, in addition to receiving top-quality technical service, you’ll be attended by professionals who are happy to help you in any way, so that you leave a satisfied customer.


What our customers say about our electric scooter workshop in Marbella

Zoey P
Zoey P
So friendly and helpful. We had so much fun on the scooters and well worth the money for 2 hours
Cristina Rebollo
Cristina Rebollo
Cannot recommend it highly enough. Segway tour of next to the seaside was magical. Instructor was amazing. Do it!
Silver Shadow
Silver Shadow
Great experience with the family. Way easier than earlier thought. My 10 year old daughter had no problem handling one of them segways. Loved the initial 5-10mins prep coaching. Awesome guys! I will do this again for sure!
Wayne Craig
Wayne Craig
Good bikes , friendly staff
Piotr Mikłaszewicz
Piotr Mikłaszewicz
Łatwo, szybko, bezproblemowo, bez zbędnych formalności można wypożyczyć rowery. Polecam
Annastasia Kinanu
Annastasia Kinanu

Replacement vehicle while we repair your electric scooter!

Do you need your electric scooter to get around Marbella? Can’t do without it while it’s being repaired? No problem! We can provide a replacement vehicle for your use while we carry out the repairs. This way, you’ll still be able to get around the city without any problems.

Electric scooter brands we frequently repair at our workshop.

Xiaomi is a technology brand that’s well known for its mobile phones, but what you may not know is that since 2017, it’s also been a benchmark in urban mobility. Therefore, in our electric scooter workshop in Marbella, we’re more than familiar with all the vehicles of this brand.  

Xiaomi’s electric scooters stand out for undergoing constant innovation. In fact, they’ve recently launched models such as the Xiaomi 3 Lite and the Xiaomi Mi Electric 4 Pro, with which the brand has reinforced its presence in the market. We know these models very well, therefore we can carry out any type of repairs on Xiaomi electric scooters in Marbella.

Segway-Ninebot is one of the best electric scooter brands available on the market. The brand was created with the aim of making short-distance transport alternatives that are more environmentally friendly.


These vehicles are equipped with microprocessors and a set of sophisticated tilt sensors and gyroscopic sensors that provide the customer with the best possible transport experience. Plus they’re made of top-quality materials, so they offer great durability.


Segway and Ninebot are dedicated to connecting robotic solutions to smartphones, integrating existing technologies and future concepts, such as voice interaction and facial recognition. Without doubt, a cutting-edge technology company.

Cecotec is a well known brand internationally, and especially in Spain, so it’s hardly surprising that we can find high-quality Cecotec electric scooters. In fact, they’ve become one of the most popular choices among customers looking for quality urban transport.

They’ve recently updated their range of electric scooters so as to offer an improved experience using their vehicles. All Cecotec scooters are adapted to the latest regulations. If you’ve had any type of issue or malfunction with your Cecotec electric scooter, our technical service team will be able to repair it with original parts by the Cecotec brand.

The Hiboy scooter brand has grown a lot in recent years, and has become one of the top brands of electric scooters available on the market, directly competing with highly popular options, such as those offered by Xiaomi. And there’s obviously a good reason for it becoming an “Amazon’s Choice”, as the preferred option for a large number of customers.

Hiboy electric scooters stand out for being priced very competitively, while offering a range of good quality options for getting around the city on a daily basis. If you’ve had a problem with one of them, our technical service can take care of any repair to meet your needs with the maximum guarantees.

Your brand of electric scooter isn’t here? No problem - come in and we'll help you out!

We mentioned above some of the most popular brands on the market, but if your electric scooter isn’t among them, no need to worry! The fact is, our electric scooter technical team in Marbella has the right experience and all the necessary spare parts to repair any scooter brand.

Most common electric scooter repairs

Had a puncture? Is one of the tyres of your electric scooter damaged? No need to worry, because thanks to our technical repair service, you’ll be back on the road with your scooter in no time at all.

We can repair punctures and fix the wheels of all the electric scooter brands and models that are available in Marbella. We have an electric scooter workshop in Marbella that specialises in all types of scooter repairs, so you can rest assured that changing a tyre is no challenge at all for our experts.

Electric scooters are powered by batteries which are responsible for giving you the autonomy you need to move around Marbella. Just like the batteries of any electrical device, they wear out, or can be damaged, which is why it’s natural that you will need a battery repair or replacement service sooner or later.

If your electric scooter is having any kind of battery problems, we recommend you visit us, so that our team of experts can either fix or replace your scooter’s batteries, depending on their current state.

The lights on your electric scooter obviously play a very important role in being able to use it at night in compliance with the current regulations in Marbella. So if you’re having problems with your scooter’s lights, we recommend you visit our electric scooter repair and servicing shop in Marbella to have them repaired. 

Our team of professionals have the right experience to be able to fix or tune your electric scooter by installing LED lights that comply with the regulations and are high-quality, so that you have no more problems with them for a long time.

It’s to be expected that the paint on a scooter will wear off over time and with use, so if you want to have your scooter repainted, our paint shop is just what you need to get it looking good as new! Our team of experts will completely sand down the paint on your scooter, and then repaint it in the colour of your choice to make it look brand new again.

We have a wide variety of colours, so you can choose the shade you prefer, and leave totally satisfied with your scooter’s new look.

Don't know what's wrong with your scooter? No problem, come in and we’ll help you!

If you have the feeling there’s something wrong with your scooter, or it’s not working like it used to, don’t worry! Come in and see us, and our technical service will check it over to find out what your scooter needs to make it run like it’s brand new again.

We do all types of repairs, such as replacing tyres, installing accessories and spare parts, firmware updates, improving lighting systems, repairing or changing batteries, adjusting brake discs, eliminating handlebar vibration, upgrading brake calipers, fitting mudguard fasteners, waterproofing electrical components, among others…

To sum up, we can fix or install absolutely anything your electric scooter might need!

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