La Alameda Park Marbella

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Marbella’s beautiful Alameda Park

A natural monument dating back to the 18th century, El Parque de la Alameda is a historical icon of Marbella. It forms an amazing green belt in the heart of the city centre, providing a few minutes of shade, fresh air, peace and tranquillity for tourists.

It also serves as a meeting point for the resident population, giving them the opportunity to take time out from the stress of everyday life.

La Alameda Park is an oasis of vegetation that once covered more than 20,000 m2. However, in present times, its surface area has unfortunately been greatly reduced, due to urban spread. The streets to the north of the park were Alameda and Fortaleza, to the south, Avenida del Fuerte to the tunnel exit, to the west, Avenida Miguel Cano, and to the east, Avenida del Mar

As a result of the urban growth of this part of the city, it’s currently located between Avenida del Mar and the narrow streets of Marbella’s Old Town and Plaza de Los Naranjos Marbella (Orange Square) where the Town Hall is located. The avenues Carlos Mackintosh, Miguel Cano, Puerta del Mar and Ramón Cajal delimit the park on all four sides.   

The original wooded area consisted of a central street, a walkway with two adjacent streets and a few small squares, benches, fountains and sculptures, which have been preserved over the years, despite the different remodelling works the park has undergone.

Discover the diversity of flora in La Alameda Park.

The main appeal of Alameda Park in Marbella, also known as the Historic Green Lung of Marbella, and one of its main points of interest is that it’s a spectacularly beautiful botanical garden. Additionally, the park is a well-known meeting place for friends and acquaintances to enjoy a haven of peace, in addition to the birds, and the trees that form part of the park. 

Visitors to La Alameda Park will find a great diversity of flora, including the following species of trees:

– Olive 

– Ficus

– Ficus Lyrata

– Jacaranda

– Date Palm

– Strelitzia

– Bottle Silk Floss

– Stone Pine

– Plantain

– Australian Oak

– Tipuana

La Alameda Park is also home to other magnificent plant species of great significance. In fact, it’s a natural park with a very characteristic aroma. Without a doubt, La Alameda Park is the green gem of the capital of the Costa del Sol. 

How can you get to La Alameda Park?

Therefore, it’s just a short walk to the park if you’re staying at one of the accommodation options in the heart of Marbella or in the surrounding area. On the other hand, if you are driving from another area, you can either park in the Zona Azul (Blue Zone) near the park, or alternatively, for convenience and peace of mind, in the Avenida del Mar or Plaza de la Victoria public car parks.

Admire the 10 emblematic sculptures of Salvador Dalí

Countless visitors, both Spanish nationals and foreigners, come to the Avenida del Mar to get a close-up view of the Salvador Dalí sculptures that are on display in Marbella, and which were placed here years ago by Marbella City Council.

Below are the names of the different Salvador Dalí sculptures that can be seen in Marbella:

·    Caballo con Jinete Tropezando (Stumbling Horse with Rider)

·    Don Quijote Sentado. (Don Quixote Sitting Down)

·    Elefante Cósmico. (Cosmic Elephant)

·    Gala Asomada a la Ventana. (Gala Leaning out a Window)

·    Gala Gradiva.

·     Hombre sobre Delfín. (Man on a Dolphin)

·     Mercurio. (Mercury)

·    Mujer Desnuda subiendo la Escalera. (Naked Woman Climbing the Stairs)

·    Perseo. (Perseus)

·    Trajano a caballo. (Trajan on a Horse)

It should be noted that these sculptures are not originals; the Gala Salvador Dalí Foundation did not collaborate or support the origin of these large-scale copies of these pieces by Dalí. 

At the end of the walkway, you’ll find yourself facing the dazzling blue of the Mediterranean Sea. You’ll also be able to admire one last sculptural work here, a monument to Freedom of Speech, by the local sculptor, Eduardo Soriano. 

Why should you visit La Alameda Park in Marbella?

Firstly, La Alameda Park is an important botanical garden full of rare and valuable species. You’ll also find a wonderful central fountain dedicated to La Virgen del Rocío, and picturesque squares where you can sit down and take in the atmosphere. Not surprisingly, it’s the most visited park by the residents of Marbella, as well as a popular tourist attraction.

It holds great significance for the locals, as it provides shade and serves as the perfect gathering place on hot days. Its relaxing atmosphere invites you to sit down on one of its benches and escape from the bustling city centre for a while.

You’ll be surrounded by a variety of nature that will fill you with peace and harmony, and you’ll undoubtedly be captivated by the contrast of the greenery with the intense blue of the sea. La Alameda Park is, without doubt, an excellent option to admire the wonders of nature.  

Furthermore, the sculptures of Salvador Dalí form an important part of this popular tourist attraction in Marbella, and the nearby Avenida del Mar not only boasts an open-air exhibition, it’s also a very pleasant walkway that leads to the buzzing atmosphere of Marbella’s promenade.​​ 

Therefore, if you’re visiting this part of Marbella, you must take a stroll along this famous avenue, which extends from El Parque de la Alameda down to the Mediterranean sea. A pedestrian walkway decorated with marble, wooden pergolas and benches, and most significantly, the open-air exhibition of bronze Salvador Dalí sculptures.     

At the end of the avenue, you’ll find yourself on the Paseo Marítimo, the promenade, where you can relax in one of the countless terraces, restaurants and bars, in a magical setting on Marbella’s seafront.

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