Bike Rental Marbella

Renting bikes has become one of the best options for those who want to opt for an interactive, eco-friendly and fun means of transport. Bike hire in Marbella can be the perfect alternative to go on a tour and visit the places you’ve always wanted to see.

Discover Marbella by bike!

Undoubtedly, one of the most remarkable cities in Spain is Marbella. On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, this magical place offers hundreds of activities, places, historical sites and tourist attractions. Marbella bike tours have been adopted as a great way to get to know and enjoy all that Marbella has to offer.

It is one of the favourite destinations for visitors due to several factors. From its climate and its people to the beautiful museums, archaeological heritage and cultural wealth it possesses. The tourist infrastructure that has been built for people who decide to visit Marbella is a guarantee of an unforgettable experience.

Those who prefer to opt for bike hire in Marbella have excellent plans and programmes designed for all types of people. From hen & stag tours, corporate plans and special birthday programmes. Children, teenagers and adults can enjoy the best of Marbella at their own pace.



We transmit security in everything time with quality equipment, safe and easy to use.


Committed to helping the client find the best option for him and teach the use of the vehicle.


If something goes wrong on an excursion, we will come immediately to provide support and immediate solution.


Getting around downtown has never been so comfortable to go further, faster and learn more.

Choose the bike that best suits your pace and needs

Renting a bike in Marbella can allow you to get to know the city from a different perspective. A bike ride is quite pleasant and can be a great way to get to know the city from a different perspective.

This is precisely why we have witnessed this pedal revolution, with more and more people opting for this method.

In order to live the experience to the fullest, it is necessary to stress the importance of choosing the bike that best suits your objectives.

Among all the options available, it is essential to make an assessment of the plan you have and which bike will help you to achieve it.

Do you want your mountain or city bike?

Uno de los puntos diferenciadores más importantes para el alquiler de bicis en Marbella es determinar si necesitas una de montaña o de ciudad. Esto va a depender del recorrido que quieras realizar y del tipo de terreno al que te estarás enfrentando.

Mountain Bike Rental in Marbella

A mountain bike, also called a mountain bike, off-road bike or simply "mountain biker" is a machine specially designed for rough roads and terrain. They are extremely versatile and include features that can impress anyone. Braking, damping, mudguards, gears and lights work perfectly for extreme challenges. Do you want your bike rental in Marbella to allow you to ride on rocky trails, cross mountains and connect with nature? Keep in mind that you must learn how to handle it correctly, taking care of factors such as:

● Maintain the correct posture (semi-erect torso).
● Know how to use gears
● Be aware of its dimensions (straight handlebars, wide wheels, higher weight).
● Wear appropriate clothing

Bicycle rental in Marbella

City bikes, also known as "utility bikes", allow you to travel anywhere in the city comfortably and conveniently. Since they are not designed for extreme situations, they do not involve major complications when using them. Much of the bike rental market in Marbella is focused on this type of bike. Using them you can embark on a pleasant and relaxed ride where you can pay attention to your surroundings and enjoy the view in the areas you visit.

Bear in mind that, as they are for touring, they are not designed to reach high speeds.

Electric bike hire in Marbella

The rental of electric bikes in Marbella is another booming market, and this is where we find the second point of differentiation.

Traditional bicycles and electric bicycles are two major groups with pros and cons that are worth reviewing. The good news is that, if you opt for the latter, you’ll still be able to get to know Marbella in the best way.

Electric Bicycle for Walking
(E-Bike Normal)

Electric bikes may seem like a luxury, but the truth is that they include a number of advantages that make them a great alternative. The most notable feature of these models is their pedalling support, thus preventing the user from exerting more effort. This pedal assist is perfect for people whose physical abilities are limited for some reason, e.g. knee injuries. In short, it's a way to reduce the effort involved in cycling and still enjoy all the other benefits.

Electric Mountain Bike
(E-Mountain Bike)

Fortunately, those who prefer (or need) a mountain bike also have the option of choosing an electric model. Bike hire in Marbella is a practice for everyone, so there are all kinds of options. This type of bike is equipped with an intelligent technological system that adds a lot to the experience, resulting in an adventure on another level. Accident and injury prevention is definitely one of its best features, giving people the opportunity to experience it who otherwise would not be able to do so.

Marbella and Puerto Banús, ideal places to go by bike

The port of José Banús is one of the most important in the world. Here you can experience luxury holidays and tourism. You can go to the beach, visit the Paseo de Las Estrellas and stroll through the port, where there is an infinite number of things to see.

The best part is that it has a wide variety of places that are ideal for cycling, so it offers the best of both worlds.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions about bike rental in Marbella

No, if the vehicle is lost or stolen, the lessor of the vehicle is liable to compensate the company with 50% of the market value of the rented and not returned vehicle.

Protective helmets are compulsory when riding on interurban roads and for children under 16 years of age on any type of road. The helmet must be approved and on the road its use is only exempted on long climbs, in extreme heat or for medical reasons.

The fine for non-compliance is 200 euros.

However, although it is not mandatory, we recommend that you act as if it were were when riding a bike. It is a protective measure that in the event of an accident can prevent severe injuries and save your life.

Yes, we rent electric bikes for teenagers. We have electric mountain bikes in medium size or adjustable sizes, suited for children 14 years of age and up. In this case the company is obliged to insist on a helmet as a safety measure, which will be provided free of charge with the rental fee of the bike.

It is possible, as long as the bicycles are not chained in passing places, where they disturb pedestrians and private premises.

At night, as a company policy, it is strictly forbidden to leave bicycles parked outside because of the risk of them being stolen or damaged by third parties.

Yes, technical assistance is included in our price. We provide our technical assistance up to a maximum of 6 km from the office. We make our way to your location, either for repare or replacement of vehicle.

There is the possibility of contracting home delivery and collection of bicycles, subject to distance and number of vehicles.

If not previously agreed and signed on, bicycles must be collected and returnedat our office in Puerto Banús located at Avda. de las naciones unidas, C.C Cristamar, Local 2B (Marbella).

Our fleet of megamo 28 city e-bikes have a 375 wh lithium battery and a 36V-250wh brushless motor which, thanks to its technology in the pedalling system, will allow you to travel kilometres without any problems.

We offer 3 options for mountain e-bikes, all of which will give you more than 85 km of range:

Orbea Keram 29″ with BOSCH Active 25 km/h motor and Bosch Performance 400Wh battery.

BH Rebel 27,5″ with a YAMAHA PW 250w Motor and a 400 Wh Battery.

Megamo Dinamik with 36V – 250W Brushless motor and a Lithium battery, Samsung Cells Batteries, 36V – 11,6 Ah – 418 Wh.