Bicycle repair shop - bike mechanics in Marbella

Bicycle repair shop: professional mechanic service in Marbella

Our bicycle repair shop in Marbella specialises in providing a quick, reliable bike mechanic service.

Our professionals can perform a wide range of repairs and maintenance on all types of bikes, whether electric or traditional. From minor repairs, like changing tyres or brakes, to more complex overhauls, such as replacing parts or re-adjusting the electrical system.

Our workshop has an expert team of mechanics, and a stock of high-quality parts and accessories to ensure our clients high-quality service. We’ll help you keep your bike in top condition and make the most of your bike-rides!

And if you fancy a day cycling round Marbella, we also have a bike rental service!


Customer reviews about our bike workshop in Marbella

Zoey P
Zoey P
So friendly and helpful. We had so much fun on the scooters and well worth the money for 2 hours
Cristina Rebollo
Cristina Rebollo
Cannot recommend it highly enough. Segway tour of next to the seaside was magical. Instructor was amazing. Do it!
Silver Shadow
Silver Shadow
Great experience with the family. Way easier than earlier thought. My 10 year old daughter had no problem handling one of them segways. Loved the initial 5-10mins prep coaching. Awesome guys! I will do this again for sure!
Wayne Craig
Wayne Craig
Good bikes , friendly staff
Piotr Mikłaszewicz
Piotr Mikłaszewicz
Łatwo, szybko, bezproblemowo, bez zbędnych formalności można wypożyczyć rowery. Polecam
Annastasia Kinanu
Annastasia Kinanu

A replacement bike while we fix yours!

Do you need your electric scooter to get around Marbella? Can’t do without it while it’s being repaired? No problem! We can provide a replacement vehicle for your use while we carry out the repairs. This way, you’ll still be able to get around the city without any problems.

The most common bike repairs at our Marbella workshop

It’s important to keep your tyres in good condition to ensure good road grip and safer riding. If the tyres are worn or have any kind of tear, they need to be changed as soon as possible.

We can repair punctures and fix the wheels of all the electric scooter brands and models that are available in Marbella. We have an electric scooter workshop in Marbella that specialises in all types of scooter repairs, so you can rest assured that changing a tyre is no challenge at all for our experts.

Brakes may be the most important part of any bike, allowing you to slow down and stop in an emergency. If your brakes aren’t working properly, it’s important to take your bike to a workshop to have them repaired, or the damaged parts replaced.

It’s natural that certain parts of a bicycle wear out with use, and need to be replaced. Some of the most typical parts that need replacing are the drivechain chainrings and chains, pedals, and wheel bearings.

In the case of electric bikes, it’s important to keep the electrical system in good condition. This ensures the optimum performance and durability of the bike. Some of the most common repairs to the electrical system include replacing batteries, repairing cables, or updating software.

The drivetrain is the part of the bicycle that converts the power produced from pedalling into energy to propel the bike forwards. If the drivetrain is not adjusted correctly, the bike may not work properly, or it may be more difficult to pedal.

The suspension is a system on some bicycles that reduces vibrations and shocks while riding. If the suspension is not adjusted correctly, it may cause the bike to be unstable or uncomfortable.

The handlebars and seat post are critical for posture and control. If they’re incorrectly adjusted, they can cause discomfort or difficulty in handling the bike.

It’s important to maintain lights and other accessories in good working order, to improve safety and visibility when you’re cycling.

If they aren’t working properly, it’s important to take your bicycle to a workshop to have them repaired or replaced.

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