Segway rental in Marbella

Renting a Segway in Marbella and Puerto Banus can be the ideal opportunity to live a totally new life experience. With us you’ll not only be able to enjoy the views of the area but you’ll also have all the guaranteed safety measures. It can even be a great plan to celebrate a special day.

Discover Marbella and Puerto Banús on a Segway!

Marbella is a city difficult to compare, combining the modernity of the city with the calm of the beaches of the Costa del Sol. Puerto Banús is one of the most popular tourist destinations for tourists and locals alike. You can enjoy and get to know these places without having to walk for hours and exhaust your body.

Often the fatigue can be greater than the enjoyment of the city itself. In addition, we may be accompanied by our children, who tire easily, or by elderly people, whose bodies do not have the natural capacity for such efforts.

For this reason, Segway rental can be the ideal option to enjoy the beautiful views of Marbella and Puerto Banús without having to exert yourself. These devices are quite comfortable transport vehicles for all ages. With few wheels, fully automated and quite safe, it is a method of mobilisation that is currently on the rise.



We transmit security in everything time with quality equipment, safe and easy to use.


Committed to helping the client find the best option for him and teach the use of the vehicle.


If something goes wrong on an excursion, we will come immediately to provide support and immediate solution.


Getting around downtown has never been so comfortable to go further, faster and learn more.

Segway rental in Puerto Banús, Marbella with or without a guide

The Segway experience is ideal to combine with a beautiful ride to get to know the city. It is an excellent plan to experience it with friends, family or even to enjoy your own company.

Guided segway tour in Marbella

We offer the option to enjoy Marbella's Golden Mile on these technological devices. You can also choose to rent the segway from Puerto Banus to Marbella and vice versa, returning by ferry. This is your chance to discover the beautiful views of Marbella, to enjoy the organisation of its massages and Sierra Blanco. Don't miss out on this magnificent holiday plan!

Segway rental in Marbella by the hour

If you want to experience the adventure for yourself, we can rent the devices for you to experience your own route. For only 15 euros per hour you can rent a segway in Marbella to discover new horizons. You will only have to comply with the safety rules and respect the traffic regulations of the area. If you are not convinced about doing a full tour, this option may be ideal for you. We will also give you some recommendations to make your tour perfect.

Events, groups and more about Segways!

We organise celebrations such as bachelor parties in Marbella. We will create the ideal atmosphere so that this date compares to no other with nothing to stress over!  

We will also include the transfer from the hotel where you are staying, for the entire group. It will be something totally different to close this moment of your life, and start the next one on the best possible foot. Or wheel!

Segways can be enjoyed by family members of all ages, which is why it has become a plan for celebration of all kinds.

The most common are birthdays, either with your family or a group of friends, you can get to know beautiful places with our rental service. Your special day can become a unique plan and you can enjoy it without comparison.

Don’t let your company celebrate its anniversary or important dates with another boring plan. Your employees, your work team, will have unlimited fun and will be able to get out of routine with a plan like this.

The importance of these experiences within the work team is often overlooked. However, it is increasingly recognised and reaffirmed that these moments of relaxation build trust and teamwork. And remember, all these moments will reflect positively on your company!

Our segway rentals in Marbella are ideal to celebrate special occasions. Enjoy unique moments, in the company of your loved ones. Create unforgettable memories on your special days with these rides.

[FAQ] Frequently asked questions about bike rental in Marbella

With a Segway, when you lean forwards or backwards, the machine rolls the wheels in the direction in which the you has lean, to place you in your centre of gravity. The handlebars give you the possibility to lean and turn left or right by tilting it with your hands to the desired side.

The operating system is high-tech, which is why it costs approximately 6000 euro. During the use of a Segway, five gyroscopes and two tilt sensors detect changes in the terrain and the user’s body position at a rate of 100 times per second, providing accurate information for the correct response of the device.

This is the basis of the Segway’s movement, which is why it is so natural and intuitive to operate.

In the event of a mechanical or electronic failure, the emergency stop is activated, the system stops the Segway and warns the user with a sudden vibration and an acoustic alarm that alerts the rider, giving the user 10 seconds to safely get off the device, after which it will shut down and lose stability.

The reality is that there is no minimum age, it rather depends on the size and motor skills of the person. We recommend the age of 7 years old is usually a decent minimal age, and recommend children under the age of 10 to take the segway using our guide service for more safety.

We ensure that our fleet will have a continuous use of 150 minutes (2h 30min) until it runs out of energy.

Technical assistance is included in our price. We provide our technical assistance up to a maximum of 6 km from the office. We make our way to your location, either for repare or replacement of vehicle.

The municipal regulations of Marbella oblige these vehicles to circulate on the same roads as bicycles. Their use is limited to the cycle lanes, cycle paths, the promenade’s rolling area and the paved section of the promenade itself. During the summer months, between July and September, they will not be allowed on the marble area of the promenade. The maximum speed for segways in the permitted areas is 10 kilometres per hour.

No, we do not require a monetary deposit as we keep the keys that control the devices and without them they are inoperative. So if the client has a mishap, they would need to call us to reactivate the segway wherever they are.

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